Sabado, Abril 27, 2013

Barefoot Friends [Torrent x Subtitle]

It is a South Korean reality-variety show; a part of SBS's Good Sunday lineup, along with Running Man. It was first aired on April 21, 2013. The show is an "real outdoor hardship variety"; a spin on typical outdoor variety shows. The members travel to foreign countries to experience "real happiness" with locals.The words, Barefooted is supposed to mean essence, sincerity, and real hardships, where as Friends not only represents the cast, but the locals that are met as well. It has garnered attention as being the come-back program for Kang Ho-dong, the main MC of the program, after leaving Good Sunday's X-Man in April 2007.

A new life experience meeting new people in a new place, and exploring the cultural heritage and natural environment unseen elsewhere, the members search for real beauty and happiness on foreign soil. The members travel to foreign countries to experience "real happiness" with locals. Unlike typical vacations, they live like locals and experience what a day in their life is like. Members must provide for themselves as no support from staff is given. The members experience the essence of culture, food, music, nature, and lifestyle while surviving on their own in the foreign country. This program is a differentiated real variety program providing affection and enlightenment to viewers.




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